Interested in Baden-Württemberg's start-up community?

    Interested in Baden-Württemberg's start-up community?

    We present a clustured overview of the most important happenings from Southern Germany.

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    You are an investor?

    You are an investor?

    Our annual Venture Capital-Pitch offers you the opportunity to encounter the "Best of Baden-Württemberg".

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    Everything at a glance!

    Everything at a glance!

    Take a look at the latest events and news. 

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    You are a company founder?

    You are a company founder?

    Find all background information on financing possibilities and investors.

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About us

The overall goal of VC-BW is making the activities of the start-up community in Baden-Württemberg visible to the outside. A pooled representation of networks, competitions and recent start-ups is supposed to make the location more visible and worthwhile for investors and founders from outside Baden-Württemberg.

At the yearly VC-event by VC-BW for example, the VC-networks recommend some of their outstanding start-ups to give them the possibility to present themselves to potential investors. Furthermore, the VC-BW internet platform offers extensive information about existing networks, VC-companies and business development banks in Baden-Württemberg. Also, you can find an overview of upcoming events, the latest news and background information on company founding in Baden-Württemberg.


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